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Streacom HDMI Audio Mix Cable

Streacom HDMI Audio Mix Cable

Streacom are a company who were founded in 2010 with their goal being focusing on combining superior design and quality with the latest material and production techniques. They aim to deliver solutions that will precisely meet customer requirements regarding features, performance and quality. They offer a variety of products which all have their individual ways of solving problems that have previously arisen.

Ever experienced the urge to watch the best quality High Definition video and also listen to the best quality audio from your device? I have... unfortunately I have also had the problem where neither of them function properly together thanks to a device with limited connectivity options. Streacom have designed a product which can possibly eliminate all of these video and audio problems via the use of a unique cable. Their method is to use a standard HDMI cable to send the best quality HD video to your display, but they have very creatively attached a stereo audio splitter to one end of the HDMI cable so that the audio can be routed separately. This results in everybody being able to enjoy the impressive picture that your High Definition device offers as well as enjoying the crisp, clear audio output by your sound set-up.

Another problem is solved by this cable. You now have the ability to listen to music through your sound system connected to your PC or other device while your display device such as the TV is switched off. This is a great feature especially for people who use a HTPC or need music played by their computer for an upcoming house party!

There is the potential for multiple home theatre headaches to be solved with this product, but does it also cause some extra problems? Let's find out if Streacom can live up to their high expectations...


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